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YSRA Schools Project Research

1. ObjectiveTo create greater opportunities for VENUES and COACHES to access schools in Yorkshire for juniors. 2. Background Venues with successful schools programmes tend to have successful clubs, coaches and junior programmes with individual success at county and beyond. Juniors are the future of squash. Parents are the key to the juniors. There are a number of examples of successful school links in the county and beyond. We need to look at those and try to combine these with a plan which can be easily used by other clubs and venues in the county without a great investment of time and money. We need to research the current successful schools programmes and identify examples of good practice for venues to enable them to link into schools in an economic and sustainable way. ... (Download PDF)

Squash 101 Skill Development Cards

Simply pick an activity from each section to create your Junior 101 session. You can even create a longer session by choosing several activites from each section, the choice is yours... (Download PDF)

Squash 101 Activity Cards

Simply pick an activity from each section to create your Junior 101 session. You can even create a longer session by choosing several activites from each section, the choice is yours!... (Download PDF)

U3A Racketball

Case Studies in Yorkshire – Heaton, Bradford – written by Terry Wassall - The Bradford U3A racketball group started in January 2012 with the support of English Squash and Racketball (ESR) who provided equipment and initial coaching to introduce the sport and help get the group established. It uses a larger, bouncier ball and a shorter racket. It is easier to learn to play than squash and is less physically demanding. Complete beginners have found it quick to learn and get a good workout right from the start. It is an ideal game for men and women and players of different abilities to play together... (Download PDF)

100 Ways to Recruit New Members

Clubs are always looking for ways to grow and recruit new members, there are many things club members can do in order to attract new members. Here are 100 viable approaches that you could use in order to recruit more members to your squash club. 1. Get a decent website and keep it up to date! 2. Embrace social media and use it regularly–Facebook/ Twitter 3. Advertise in newspapers & local community magazines 4. Have a clear club goal & a strategic plan – how else will you know if you’re ‘on target’ 5. Letters or personal contact with local businesses –invite them down 6. Contact with local politicians – do they know what a great community facility you are... (Download PDF)

Promoting Participation in Squash & Racketball

Courts should be maintained in good condition, and in particular be clean, warm and well lit. Floors should be swept daily and wiped weekly to prevent dust accumulation, which can make them slippery. The basic temperature should be at least 65 degrees C with additional heating optional for the players. Deficient lights should be replaced as soon as possible. Players should be advised that non-marking footwear must be worn and that it should not be the footwear they arrive in, as that can bring dust and dirt onto the courts. (b)Changing rooms should be of good size (because if the court booking times are the same, all the players will be changing and showering at the same time), warm, well-decorated and cleaned daily, and with lockers in which clothes and valuables can be secured. Notices about footwear (see above) should be displayed in the changing rooms as well as on the court doors. (c) Arrangements for booking courts should be simple and well publicised ... (Download PDF)

Monrad Knockout Tornamants

Monrad tournaments are a way of ensuring that players who enter are guaranteed matches throughout the tournament regardless of whether they win or lose in each round. They are in effect a way of running several plate competitions for losers, except that, rather than these being played separately, they are an integrated part of the tournament. They are therefore more attractive to players than being entered in a plate competition – and they don’t have the option of choosing not to participate. The outcome is one list of all the players in their merit order based on performance during the tournament. Note that it is still a knockout tournament, not a league.... (Download the Monrad Matrix PDF)

Club Support Days with Mick Todd

In spring 2018 all England Squash affiliated clubs were invited to take part in a 3 hour club support visit with England Squash and Mick Todd CEO of Pontefract Squash Club. To date we have visited 28 clubs across the county from the Northumberland Club in the north east to West Worthing on the south coast. Each visit is held at the club where Mick shares his experience and expertise in developing and growing an internationally renowned squash club and an England Squash team member discusses how they can support the club to achieve their goals. The 3 hour visits are tailored to each clubs specific needs and have covered topics such as:... (Download DOCX)


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