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Safeguarding Strategy

We regard good practice in safeguarding the wellbeing of children and adults as being fundamental in the promotion of squash and racketball in the county. To that end, we have four clear expectations of those who run venues with squash courts, and individuals such as Coaches who engage directly with players of all ages... (Download PDF)

Competitions Code of Conduct

Players who enter tournaments or competitions, organised by or on behalf of theYorkshire SRA, thereby accept all regulations associated with the event andsubsequently shall comply with them... (Download PDF)

Risk Assessment Model

This document sets out the perceived liabilities faced by the Yorkshire SRA (YSRA) officers for negligence when undertaking Yorkshire SRA activities. The measures by which the risks to people are mitigated, and so also our liabilities, as well as future planned actions are set out as well....(Download PDF)

Equity Policy

Yorkshire Squash is committed to provide services and activities fairly and without discrimination, and to following the principles of equality of access and opportunity. We will do our best to ensure that all sections of the community have the opportunity to participate in the game of squash... (Download PDF)

Insurance Protection

Bluefin Sport - We act as insurance brokers for England Squash Ltd. We have arranged the following insurance policies on their behalf... (Download PDF)

Data Protection Policy 2018

We comply with the Data Protection Regulations (Data Protection Act 2018) by putting the following statement at the foot of our correspondence template... (Download PDF)

Record of Committee Interests

Governance – Committee Members... (Download PDF)

Equality Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Inclusion equal embracing difference... (Download Powerpoint)


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