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Code of Conduct


Players who enter tournaments or competitions, organised by or on behalf of the Yorkshire SRA, thereby accept all regulations associated with the event and subsequently shall comply with them.

Players must be familiar with the WSF Rules of Squash and/or Racketball and must make every effort to comply with them.

Players must conduct themselves at all times in a way which brings credit to the image of Yorkshire squash/racketball in the eyes of other players spectators, the media and sponsors. They must behave with dignity, both on and off court, and recognise the need of continuity of play.

Some specific aspects of behaviour on court or in public which are considered contrary to creditable conduct include: failure to attend matches, physical assault, threatening behaviour, swearing and making offensive gestures, playing equipment abuse, undermining the position of the referee, the continued disputing of decisions made by the referee and the giving of false information to achieve eligibility to play.

Spectators and Supporters

Players must conduct themselves with the same dignity as referred to above when they are spectators. Spectators must remain silent during rallies and should not encourage extended and undignified delays between rallies by attempting to provoke discussion between players and officials or between the players themselves.


The Club is responsible so far as is reasonable to ensure the observance of the Code of Conduct by its players and supporters.


1. In the first instance, the Referee shall be responsible for dealing with disputes on court and with any spectator problems during the match in which he/she is offciating.

2. In the event of this not being resolved satisfactorily at the time, the Referee shall request the two captains to settle the dispute.

3. Any exceptional dispute shall be brought to the notice of the League Secretary by any person as soon as possible after a complaint. The League Secretary shall seek further details of the dispute whenever possible and may:

(a) dismiss the complaint;
(b) pass the matter direct to the League Disciplinary Committee (LDC) (see Rule 6 for composition of LDC);
(c) require a hearing as soon as possible when he shall inform forthwith, in writing, the player and the player’s club of the complaint.

4. Upon the notice of a hearing, called by the League Secretary.

(a) the Player and a Representative of the Player’s Club shall have the right to attend, personally, the hearing and/or submit evidence in writing by e-mail.
(b) the Player by giving reasonable notice before the hearing shall have the right to require the matter to be directed to the LDC.

5. In the event of a hearing, whether or not the Player is present, the League Secretary has power to:

(a) dismiss the complaint;
(b) place the details on file and issue a warning as to future conduct;
(c) penalise the Player to a maximum suspension of six ties;
(d) pass the matter to the LDC.

6. The Player and his or her Club shall be informed of the decision/penalty and advised that an appeal may be lodged with the LDC. Such appeal shall be made in writing by e-mail as soon as possible but in any event within twenty-eight days.

The LDC shall consist of the Assistant League Secretary and two invited League Team Captains from independent clubs.

7. The LDC shall inform the Player and the Player’s Club of the hearing and the Player and a representative of the Player’s Club shall have the right to attend the hearing personally and/or submit evidence in writing.

8. The LDC shall have power, whether or not the player or the club representative is present.

(a) to adjudge the matter if passed to it directly; or
(b) if on appeal to uphold the decision and/or to change the penalty or to overrule the decision;
(c) to impose against the Player a suspension penalty of up to one season;
(d) to impose against the Player’s Club a team suspension of up to one season;
(e) to pass the matter direct to the Yorkshire SRA's Executive Committee.

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