Data Protection Policy

We comply with the Data Protection Regulations (Data Protection Act 2018) by putting the following statement at the foot of our correspondence template.

‘Yorkshire Squash has/holds your details because you are the contact for a venue with squash courts, a Coach or Referee, or someone involved with squash or racketball in Yorkshire in some other capacity. If you do not wish to remain on our mailing list, please inform’.

As a Registered Charity, we are exempt from the requirement to register with the Information Commissioners Office. The Regulations say that individuals have to freely give their consent for their data to be held or used unless there is an overriding legitimate interest which means that consent does not need to be given. In the context of a sporting organisation, the legitimate interest is that the organisation needs to maintain personal contact details in order to carry out the aims for which it exists.

The personal information we hold is the name, email address and in some cases the postal address of all our contacts as defined above. We use this to circulate information about or from Yorkshire Squash which may be of benefit to them or their venue, or to forward information from similar organisations (eg England Squash).

We do not share this personal information with any third parties, or forward information which does not accord with the purposes above.

The data is held by the member of the Yorkshire Committee responsible for liaising with each particular category of contact (eg venues, Coaches, Referees etc.), on his or her personal computer. It is only accessible by them personally.

Approved by the Trustees at the meeting held on 21 November 2018

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